Life hiccups

Holy Hannah! its been months since my last post. Life went sideways and I ended up having a pretty serious surgery to help my health. While the surgery went well and now that the recovery period is ending and my somewhat long term symptoms have been dealt with in regards to my eating habits. I’m ready to dive in and start my plan of posting and talking about my reading. So settle in and get prepared because here we go!


A year of change 

With the first Wednesday of a new year coming to a close I’m making the plunge into posts themed for the top 5 Wednesday group I follow on goodreads.  This wonderful group of people blog and video post a top 5  every Wednesday and I figured why not join them.  So while today’s topic isn’t technically a top 5 about books it’s a great way to start off a new year. 

Resolutions are a personal thing. Some people are for them and some against. I enjoy the challange of them. Resolutions are a very loud declaration of self improvement from oneself to the world, or maybe just your fridge door.  This year I’m going to publicly post 5 of my new years challenges. Some will be easy some will be hard. The point is that I try my best and work on improving myself  and  achieving some very tangible goals.  

First up my love of hobbies has managed to get me into a year long challange of crocheting granny squares. I’ve never crochet before so this should be a great way to expand my skills and learn  something new. So let the 365 days of granny squares continue. One square a day I can do that.

Second up is my health. My second half of 2016 saw me very ill and incapable of much outside of struggling with basic life. While I am now making great strides in recovering I dont want to just get back to were I was but improve my health so that I do everything I can to never scare my family and friends that way and again.  I’ve begun making lifestyle changes. Diet changes and when my doctor says it’s okay to I’m beginning a work out routine. 

Third up is a personal goal of being a better blogger and vlogger.  These are activities and work I really enjoy but find easy to set aside to every little hiccup I run across. Just like going to the gym is a habit I must create and maintain a regulated writing and creating schedule till it becomes second nature to me. 

My fourth goal is to collect more experiences. It might seem odd at first but I live in a city that has a varied and rich social scene and I rarely participate in these events. This year no more excuses I’m going to these bigger and city wide celebrations. 

And while the fith one isn’t my last one it’s a big one.  I’ve avoided being open about my visual impairment and coming blindness.  It’s a big scary real thing in my life and I want to let others in. It’s my hope that by talking about the journey of my sight loss, I can help others understand my changing world and give a voice to a disease that many don’t understand. 
Whew! that was harder to do than I thought it would be.  I’d love to know if you have any goals for the year. 2017 has begun I can’t wait to see what it brings. 

Summer Library Reads

Summer Library Reads

A good library will never be too neat, or too dusty, because somebody will always be in it, taking books off the shelves and staying up late reading them.

–Lemony Snicket

One of my earliest memories in grade school is of my mother taking me to get my very first library card. Now we were pretty lucky and home at the time was across the street from school and a local library was just at the end of the block. I can still remember the wonder and look of that old library of the stacks of books and the entire basement just for us kids, well they let the teenagers down there too. While my mom could take me and my little sister down once a week and under what appeared to me no supervision (mom likely checked up us without disturbing our book hunt) we could look through and pick out the books we wanted to read on our own and the ones we wanted our dad to read to us if he could. The library to me was such a magical and wonderful place that could take me on any adventure I could think of. To this day I have an ongoing love affair with Libraries. My poor boyfriends over the years have watched me (some were picking out books for themselves to read) spend hours looking at books.  So while there as been many years, cities, and library cards since I received my first one. I still love and visit my local libraries at least once a week, and  consider seeing libraries while on vacation a tourist must. As I have grow older my choices in books are now slightly more varied than they were when I was younger. I now get and take suggestions of books to read from friends, you-tube, blogs, and even the radio. My love of library and those who get to work in them hasn’t changed.. So for July my goal is to finish all the books pictured with this post since thats when they are due.  In no particular order I will be reading You May Also Like by Tome Vanderbilt. The Fire Sermon by Francessa Haig, The Last Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko, Silver on the Road by Lauraanne Gilman, Four Queens by Nancy Goldstone, Overdraft by Fran Wilde, and last but not least Oath of Fealty by Elizabeth Moon.

Here’s to all my past memories and all the ones I have yet to make at the library.


Librarian is a service occupation. Gas station attendant of the mind.

–Richard Powers



Uprooted By Naomi Novik

Uprooted By Naomi Novik

If you follow me on goodreads you will already know how I feel about the book Uprooted.  This was my first encounter with the author Naomi Novik and her style of writing. Pleasantly it also fulfilled two book club reads for the month of August.  A new author and two book clubs reads in one go, what a great start to the month of August.  Keeping with my rule as always this review is spoiler free. Also don’t forget I am just one voice don’t have to believe me read the book for yourself and let me know what you think.

When a book can grab you from the first few words and keep your attention your in for a good ride. Now I’ve a weakness for fantasy books and I’m okay with this. All the magic and  drama just pulls me in every time. Uprooted was no exception to this genre for me. I really enjoyed the primary characters in this novel. They were believable and human in there presentation which was lovely. Add in magic and dangerous situations and it became one of those books I’d fall asleep having read way to late into the evening reading, knowing I’d have incredibly tired eyes and a short amount of time till my alarm went off to start my day. Evil looks at my alarm clock aside, the lack of sleep was worth finishing the book at that pace. While having put some distance between me and the book over the last week. I still find myself strangely excited by the interactions between the two main characters as the face off against the bad “guy” in the novel. The author did a great job of allowing for the characters to grow while not losing themselves into a cookie cutter knight in shining armour kind of template. That takes a great deal of skill and I applaud the effort and result.

In the end I’ll leave you with the knowledge I’m currently tracking down everything else this author has written and have every intention of reading this book again. No matter how big my TBR list gets there are just some books worth the re visit and Uprooted is one of those.


The Earl’s Secret Bargain

The Earl’s Secret Bargain

Every reader has a go to genre of books. There own go to so rarely fails to please type of read. Specifically my go to I so rarely don’t enjoy reading any of them is  romance novels are my drama, and sexy times and comedy fix all in one. I can not begin to describe the joy and giggles the bad puns I have enjoyed over the years. So it was with great delight I found a new author. Ruth Ann Nordins novel The Earl’s secret bargiain is my first read by this author. I got it on sale for my Kobo and read it all in one night.

Now a quick disclaimer. I read a lot so reading all night to finish a book is normal for me. So  is writing reviews as spoiler free as possible. That way you can make up your own mind as to what you think about the book.

The earl’s secret bargain had an interesting premise while not hugely unique it did look enjoyable. To my sad discovery while the plot was well done, I was unable to connect to any of the characters.  For  a book that is all about the characters and what is developed over the course of the book not connecting is bad. So while the writing seemed well done, I couldn’t emotionally get behind any of it. The jokes fell flat and the characters seemed two dimensional  While I know this happens even with authors I do enjoy a lot its sad to see it happen the first time I read someone. Never free I will find some more books by Ruth and give them a go as well. While I can’t say I’ll  recommend this book as I didn’t enjoy it. I might end up loving the rest of her work.

So while technically alight the book does not sit well on the emotional connection scale and fell flat on the giggle front. I can’t wait to see what else the author has to offer.


Books, Books, Coffee


I have just started the process of reviewing my ever growing book collection here and I look forward to not only telling you guys about all the books I have read but introducing you to new books as I go.

So come along with me on this great book adventure! You never know where the next book will take us. Grab a cup of coffee or tea get settled and lets get this grand blog under-way.